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Music has always been and will always be a very important part of St. Philip's, it is a universal language and something that can be enjoyed  and created  by everyone and anyone.

Through music at St. Philip's children will develop the musical skills of playing tuned and untuned instruments, singing, improvising, composing, listening and responding to music. The children will develop and understanding of the history and culture of the music that they listen to. They will also understand  how music is written down and learn how to write it down themselves.

Our  music  curriculum  allows  the  children  to  develop  transferable  skills  such  as presentations  and  performance  skills, listening  to  others, leading  others, decision making and problem solving as well as team work. These skills we feel are invaluable and can be applied to the children's wider lives not just their lives at school.



At St.  Philip's we  deliver  and  implement  the  Kapow  primary  Music  scheme  of  work.  This scheme of work enables all pupils to meet the end of Key Stage Attainment targets outlined in the National Curriculum as well as developing a well-rounded confident musician and child.

Through  the  Kapow  scheme  of  work  each  unit  develops  and  teaches  individual  strands woven  into creative, engaging  and enriching  learning  experiences. The individual strands developed in each unit are:

  • Performing
  • Listening
  • Composing
  • The history of music
  • The inter-related dimensions of music

Each  unit  is cross curricular and therefore  makes the  music  learning  more engaging  and interesting to pupils which encourages them to explore more enthusiastically . Through the Kapow scheme of work, pupils will be taught to sing fluently and expressively, play tuned and untunes  instruments   accurately  and  with  control.  They  will  recognise  and  name  the interrelated  dimensions  of  music  -  pitch,  duration,  tempo,  timbre,  structure,  texture  and dynamics. Then use these in their own compositions.


The impact of following the Kapow primary Music Scheme of Work is that the children will:

  • Be  confident     performers,  composers and listeners and will be  able to express themselves musically at and beyond school.
  • Show an appreciation and respect for a wide range of musical styles from around the world.
  • Understand the ways in which music can be written down to support performing and composing activities.
  • Demonstrate and articulate an enthusiasm for music and be able to talk about their own musical performances.
  • Meet the end of Key Stage expectations outlined in the National Curriculum for Music.

We have worked hard to raise the profile of music at St. Philip's. Pupils in Key Stage 2 have access to music tuition, our year  4 pupils are taught  Recorders through  Wigan  Music services Wider opportunities. We have a weekly Music Praise worship in which children learn hymns and celebrate Christ through song, we also have a very well attended school choir. We will continue to strive to provide pupils with opportunities to see live music in different forms.


Music Long Term Plan