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Art & Design


Through Art at St. Philip's, pupils will encounter an engaging and progressive curriculum that enables them to develop their knowledge and skills that is celebrated throughout each year group. Pupils will all have the opportunity to present their work in a variety of ways, which will raise their self-esteem and develop their artistic abilities.


Our Art Curriculum at St. Philip's has been devised based upon a mixture of both classic and modern Artists, who cover key artistic skills and art movements that have shaped our society today. We encourage pupils to take risks, be creative and express themselves when creating a piece of art work. At St. Philip's, we teach pupils that art work is very subjective, what another person likes, another may not. Having the skills to critique something and give opinions will develop their creative flow and prepare them for what happens every day in the art world.



At St. Philip's, we deliver and implement the Kapow Primary Art Scheme of Work. This scheme of work ensures progression through each unit and year group to meet end of Key Stage Attainment Targets as outlined in the National Curriculum, as well as developing as confident, creative artists.

The Kapow Art Scheme of Work is designed with five strands with run throughout each unit. These strands provide our pupils with creative, challenging and exciting experiences. The five strands are:

  • Making skills
  • Generating Ideas
  • Formal Elements (line, shape, tone, texture, pattern and colour)
  • Knowledge of Artists
  • Evaluating

These strands are revisited in each unit. In our Art and Design skills and our formal elements of art units pupils have the opportunity to learn and practice skills discretely. The knowledge and skills from these units are then applied throughout the other units in the scheme. Key skills are revisited throughout pupils learning journey at the school, with increasing complexity in a spiral curriculum model. This allows pupils to revise and build upon their previous learning. Each unit is cross curricular as well as incorporating SMSC development, which makes the Art Curriculum more engaging and interesting, whilst also touching on issues within wider society.


This year will be the first year we have implemented the Kapow Primary Art Scheme of Work.

The impact of the following the Kapow Primary Scheme of Work is that pupils will

  • Produce creative work, and be confident in exploring and recording their ideas and experiences.
  • Be proficient in drawing, painting, sculpting and other art, craft and design techniques.
  • Evaluate and analyse creative works using subject-specific language.
  • Know about great Artists and the historical and cultural development of their Art.

At St. Philip's the Art Curriculum has been designed in such a way that pupils are involved in the evaluation, dialogue and decision making about the quality of their outcomes and the improvement they need to make. By taking part in regular discussions and decision-making processes, pupils will not only know facts and key information about art, but they will be able to talk confidently about their own learning journey and have a growing understanding of how to improve.


Art Long Term Plan