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At St. Philip’s we feel that it is highly important to teach our pupils about International Issues. Therefore, we have embedded this into our Curriculum. Each Year Group learns about different international issues and places through their Theme work. This is then highlighted with various different events throughout the year. Due to our work on this we are honoured to be an International School Award holder and continue to work on highlighting the importance of five main global themes.


  • Identity and Belonging
  • Sustainable Living
  • Conflict and Peace
  • Fairness and Equality
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Don't forget as well as looking at our activities below, also check our Latest Events tab because our International work is embedded within our curriculum you will find lots more activities that link to the themes on there.

Please see below some of the International work we have completed:

European Languages Day

On Monday the 21st September we held our very own European Languages day. Each of our classes studied a country, their culture and languages. Below are the countries we looked at:

Reception - United Kingdom

Year 1 - France

Year 2 - Spain

Year 3 - Greece

Year 4 - Germany

Year 5 - Italy

Year 6 - Poland

Year 1 got a visit from the French Ambassador to our twin town Angers. He told them all about Angers and the children loved it! Year 3 also used Skype to speak to a school in Greece and find out all about their country. Some classes even got to try food from their chosen countries and some of our children helped other children learn about countries. The event finished with the whole school coming together and presenting what they had found out throughout the day. See below for some pictures, we hope youy enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the day! We also made the local paper! Why not check out the article using the link below

McMillan Coffee Morning

In September we held a McMillan Coffee morning and invited our school community to join us. Our Fairtrade Council worked hard to produce lots of Fairtrade items which we then sold on the day.

Comparing our town to Namibia

Our school and our Church have links with Etale, in Namibia. Therefore part of our Year 2 curriculum is comparing the differences between the two places. See some of the work the children have completed about this below.

This is Atherton Calling!

In order to further enhance their theme work on Ancient Greece, both of our Year 3 classes participated in video conferencing with a school in Greece. The children really enjoyed learning from the Greek children and in turn our Year 3 classes taught them a little bit more about Greek culture.

Global Learning

We have recently become a Global Learning Hub. Therefore, we have embedded this into our learning. Please see some pictures of our children taking part in lessons that contribute to Global Learning. In addition to this, Miss Tyrrell has been working hard with other schools to help them achieve the Global Learning award.

Renovating The School Grounds

For more information on how we have worked hard to become more sustainable please see the Gardening Club tab. Mrs Farrow and the gardening club have been instrumental in moving this project forward and we would like to say a massive thank you to all involved.

Reception learn about Chinese New Year

As part of their learning about Chinese New Year the children took inspiration from the film Kung Fu Panda. Together they created a wonderful display demonstrating all their knowledge of China and Chinese New Year. To bring together all their learning and to get the opportunity to experience Chinese culture further they all visited Chinese New Year and had the opportunity to have a Chinese meal.

Eco Warriors

Spanish Pen Pals

With the introduction of the New Curriculum in 2014 we decided to change our Modern Foreign Language teaching from French to Spanish. Therefore, we have been forging new links with schools in Spain. This year our children have been lucky to send and receive letters from their new friends in Spain. You can see some of their work below.

Water Pollution

We have looked at water pollution and how to prevent it. We discussed whether or not they would drink dirty water and related it to countries around the world. We spoke about how different countries need help in providing clean water and then got to work on seeing how our water is treated so we can drink it.

Visit to the Farm

With all the busy work going on to renovate the school grounds our Reception class visited Kenyon Hall Farm. There they planted some herbs and learnt lots of information on how to grow food, they have now applied this knowledge as part of our Seed to Soup project.

Olympic Day

Today the whole school split into different teams to represent different countries as we took part in our own Olympic Day. The children looked at their countries and then worked together to try to win 1st place. Congratulations go to the following teams:

  1. Team Jamaica (1st Place)
  2. Team USA (2nd Place)
  3. Team Greece (3rd Place)

Thank you for everyone who took part. Please see our Latest events page for pictures of the day.