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Welcome to St. Philip’s Primary

Year 5H

Welcome to Year 5H! I am Miss Houghton and I am very excited to be your class teacher this year. In Y5H we are lucky enough to also have Miss Jones working with us every day.

Spring Two 

Throughout Spring Term Two we will be discovering answers to these key questions:

Geography - Why is the Lake District so special?

Science - Could you be the next CSI Investigator?

DT - Can I create a pasta sauce?

In RE we will be deepening our understanding of Easter and why it is a victory for Christians. We will begin to use Purple Mash in Computing in order to develop our coding skills and we are also learning to value difference within PSHE/P4C lessons.

Spring One

During Spring Term One we have done lots of work on fractions in Maths as well as creating some fantastic persuasive speeches in English. We have carried out lots of Scientific Investigations about forces as well as becoming Historians to discover all about the Anglo Saxons. In Computing we created our own power point presentation and in RE we have been lucky enough to learn all about the Church from Reverend Reg. The children also performed their Family Worship and did an amazing job too!

Autumn Two

Autumn Two was very exciting! The children had lots of wonderful trips such as Pennington Flash, Dobroyd Castle as well as performing at the Let's Sing concert. In Maths we learned lots about area and perimeter and in English we produced some fantastic biographies about David Attenborough. We discovered some interesting things about rainforests in Geography and discovered more information about life cycles in Science. In Computing we learned techniques to search effectively and produced some amazing prints in Art (linked to our rainforest theme). We continued to develop our reflectiveness in RE, focusing on the true meaning of Christmas and what it meant to us. 


Autumn One

We had a very busy term in Autumn One - we learned all about the Mayans in History and discovered lots of amazing things about Space in Science. We also did lots of work on Myths in English and began our work on the Highwayman. In Maths we developed our reasoning and problem skills, which we will continue to do throughout the year. We particularly enjoyed learning all about the Bible in RE, reflecting on how it relates to us.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Things to Remember in Year 5:



Our PE days will be Tuesday (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor). PE kits will remain in school and will be sent home every half term to be washed.



You are expected to:

  • Read every day (reading books will be changed on Tuesdays)
  • Practise multiplication and division facts
  • Practise your weekly spellings for a test on Wednesdays - as well as learn the Y5 word list over the year
  • Complete one or two other pieces of homework each week (this will be given out on Friday and is due in the following Thursday)


Year 5 Spelling Word List:

  1. apparent
  2. cemetery
  3. determined
  4. explanation
  5. interfere
  6. occupy
  7. rhythm
  8. amateur
  9. communicate
  10. develop
  11. familiar
  12. language
  13. occur
  14. secretary
  15. ancient
  16. community
  17. dictionary
  18. foreign
  19. leisure
  20. persuade
  21. shoulder
  22. available
  23. conscience
  24. environment
  25. forty
  26. lightning
  27. physical
  28. soldier
  29. average
  30. convenience
  31. equipped
  32. government
  33. muscle
  34. programme
  35. stomach
  36. bargain
  37. curiosity
  38. excellent
  39. hindrance
  40. neighbour
  41. queue
  42. temperature
  43. bruise
  44. existence
  45. individual
  46. nuisance
  47. recognise
  48. twelfth
  49. rhyme
  50. vegetable