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Welcome to St. Philip’s Primary

Year 4G

Have a fantastic summer Y4G!

Welcome to Year 4G! I am Mr Greenhalgh and I am very honoured and proud to be your class teacher. In Year 4G we are very fortunate to have Mrs Whiteley and Mrs Cooney working with us as well.



Y4G you have been true superstars throughout this year. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Y4 Key Words for Summer Term 2 

disappear, guide, natural, recent, although,

business, exercise, imagine, opposite,

regular, experience, important, possess,

possession, peculiar, material, strength, 

consider, caught, mention

 How confidently can you spell these words Y4G?


Y4G AMAZING FACTS (2016-2017)

1) The Ancient Egyptians were renowned mathematicians and scientists!

2) We have 32 adult teeth in total (we start to get our adult teeth at the age of 6)!

3) The number 2 is the only even prime number!

4) Liverpool is situated in the North-West of England and was founded in the year 1207!

5) The Romans invaded our country in AD43! It took the Romans approximately 30 years to conquer our country. 

6) Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

7) The Magna Carta is a charter agreed to by King John of England on the 15th June 1215. 


HIGHLIGHT REEL (2015-2016)

What a year it has been! Year 4 are a brilliant class and have had a fantastic year. I have added a collection of photos from our year together.

Thanks for working so hard and being supportive of each other!

If you missed our musical masterpieces, here's a taster!


Rocket Science

This term we are taking part in the national Rocket Science experiment. Tim Peake took rocket seeds to the International Space Station, outside earth's atmosphere. This experiment will test the seeds that went to space, alongside seeds that haven't left Earth's atmosphere.

We had to follow strict guide lines to make it a fair test.

As you can see we enjoyed planting the rocket seeds. We will be monitoring them daily and recording our results.


Whilst down at the potting shed we planted the sunflower seeds ready for the Sunflower Extravaganza…

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