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Year 4D



    How would you get to the Alps? 

     What will I learn today?

    Welcome back YDG. In Summer Term 2 we now turn our attention back to being geographers and in particular we will be finding out about what is so special about the Alps. In maths we will be focusing on symmetry, plotting co-ordinates and statistics. How well can you interpret information? In English we move to a brand new genre; Fantasy! Can you write a story set in a fantasy world? Science is all about investigating and using your observational skills. You've already proved that you can do this so can we get even better? I think we can! 



    Science...What does a 'good scientist look like?'


    Art and Design...What is 'observational drawing?'


    RE...What does dependency look like and why is it so important? 


    Summer Term 1; what did we achieve? 

    Another fantastic half-term Y4D! You should all be incredibly proud of the many successes that you have had on your individual learning journeys throughout Summer Term 1. You mastered the art of report writing and produced what I think is some of your best writing yet. You learned all about the Syrian refugee crisis and helped refugees in our local area by raising money for them. well done! In maths you investigated triangles and quadrilaterals and learned all about how angles work. 


    Y4 Key Words for Summer Term 2 

    disappear, guide, natural, recent, although,

    business, exercise, imagine, opposite,

    regular, experience, important, possess,

    possession, peculiar, material, strength, 

    consider, caught, mention

     How confidently can you spell these words Y4D?


    Y4D AMAZING FACTS (2016-2017)

    1) The Ancient Egyptians were renowned mathematicians and scientists!

    2) We have 32 adult teeth in total (we start to get our adult teeth at the age of 6)!

    3) The number 2 is the only even prime number!

    4) Liverpool is situated in the North-West of England and was founded in the year 1207!

    5) The Romans invaded our country in AD43! It took the Romans approximately 30 years to conquer our country. 

    6) Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

    7) The Magna Carta is a charter agreed to by King John of England on the 15th June 1215. 


    Useful information:

    PE is on a Wednesday and Thursday (outdoor PE on a Thursday)

    Reading books are changed on a Thursday

    Spelling tests will be on a Thursday

    Times table tests will be on a Friday

    Homework is given on a Friday and due in for the following Friday. It will include the following...

    • Daily reading
    • Weekly Spellings
    • Multiplication facts (including division facts)
    • English Homework
    • Maths Homework
    • Project Homework
    Websites that link to our learning: