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Welcome to St. Philip’s Primary

I am Mr Williams and I am delighted to be your class teacher this year.

In Year 3W we are also lucky to have Mrs Wallwork and Mrs Cooney, who will be supporting the children this year.

We are looking forward to working with you and your children this year.



Science…Are we what we eat?

History... Who's footprints came first?

Computing…How can I communicate safely with my friends?


KEY WORDS (Autumn Term 1)


accident, accidentally, century, February,

length, popular, strange, actual,

actually, circle, forward, library,

occasion, occasionally, weight, potatoes


How confidently can you spell these words Y3W?

September 2018

Fossil hunting on dinosaur day!

Academic Year 17/18

Year 3T

June 2018

Year3T had a visit from a professional dancer who taught us some dance moves! We loved it!


Working hard during our workshop with Jenny Meadows!


We have had a fantastic World Cup day!


May 2018




Celebrating the Royal Wedding.





Fantastic outfits for Superhero Day, well done everyone!

April 2018

Today some of us made our volcanoes erupt, they were amazing!



This week Year 3T had a visit from Dog Trust. We found out how we should behave around dogs we don't know. We now know how to be sensible and safe.









Welcome back to Year 3T.  I hope you have enjoyed the half term break and are ready to start the new term in school. 

Welcome back to Spring term 2

This Spring Term 1

In Spring term 1 we were historians, finding out information all about the Stone Age and where Stonehenge is located on the map.  We learned lots of fascinating pieces of information and decided to work on our Family Worship all about it! 

In English we all wrote some fantastic poems and decided to share these poems with each other and on our Poetry Tree outside our classroom.

In Maths we have practised some of the bar method in calculating and also multiplication using the column method. 

Welcome back to Autumn Term 2!

This Autumn Term 2 -


We are going to find out why so many people go to the Mediterranean for their summer holidays.


We are going to be Scientists.  Learning about the skeletal and muscular system and answering the question - How does Usain Bolt move so quickly?


PE lessons are every Wednesday morning.  All jewellery should be removed.  Earrings can be worn, along with plasters from home to cover them up please. 


Every Thursday afternoon.  Again all jewellery should be removed.  Earrings are allowed to be worn as long as they are covered up with a waterproof plaster and a swimming cap. 

Times table and spelling test

These tests take place every Friday. 


In Year 3 your homework will involve:

  • daily reading
  • weekly spellings
  • multiplication facts (including division facts)
  • English HWK
  • Maths HWK
  • Project HWK (when needed).


Hope you find this information useful and here's to another enjoyable Autumn term 2


Mrs Thompson.




We attempted to build Stonehenge out of biscuits. Some were more successful than others!
To finish our Mediterranean topic, we prepared, chopped and cooked a tasty vegetarian paella!


Take a look to see what we have been doing so far this year...
How much sugar is in our drink?

Useful information about Year 3


In Year 3 our P.E. day is Wednesday. We do ask that you leave your P.E. kits in school and we will ensure that they are sent home each half-term to be washed.

Swimming will take place throughout the school year and will take place each Thursday afternoon. Swimming is £2 each week. If there is a medical reason why your child cannot go swimming, we ask for £1.50 to pay for the coach only.



In Year 3 your homework will involve:

  • Daily reading
  • Weekly Spellings
  • Multiplication facts (including division facts)
  • English Homework
  • Maths Homework
  • Project Homework
Reading Books

Our reading books will be changed on Wednesday. Please try to read five pages every night, more so if you have time.


Tuck Money

In Key Stage 2 the children are responsible for buying their own tuck at break time. The price is 20p for either one piece of toast.



Alongside weekly spellings to learn the rule of adding prefixes, suffixes and spelling rules, the children also will need to practise these common exception words below. They will tested on how well they know the words at the end of each term.