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Welcome to St. Philip’s Primary

September 2018

Y3G thoroughly enjoyed their Dinosaur Workshop! 



June 2018 

Y3G really enjoyed working with Jenny Meadows yesterday.

May 2018

We have thoroughly enjoyed preparing for and celebrating the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

April 2018

Y3G thoroughly enjoyed working with 'Dogs Trust' on Tuesday. We certainly found out lots of information, especially in relation to what it means to be 'dog smart.'



Welcome to Year 3G! I am Mr Greenhalgh and I am both excited and honoured to be your class teacher. We are very fortunate to have Mrs Whiteley working with us as well. 



Welcome back Y3G to the start of a new school year! In Autumn Term 1 we turn our attention to being historians and in particular we are going to be finding out about The Stone Age. As mathematicians we will be investigating whether or not you can only partition a 3-digit number in one way, whilst in English we are going to be creating our very own nature documentaries!

There is learning afoot. Let's get started...


Science…Are we what we eat?

Computing…How can I communicate safely with my friends?

KEY WORDS (Autumn Term 1)


accident, accidentally, century, February,

length, popular, strange, actual,

actually, circle, forward, library,

occasion, occasionally, weight, potatoes


How confidently can you spell these words Y3G?

Y3G BLOG (2017-2018)

Summer Term 1

What a fantastic Summer Term 1 you have all had Y3G! In English, you have explored and investigated why explanations are so important in helping everyone to understand how different things work and operate. In maths, you have all grown in confidence in terms of identifying equivalent fractions, whilst understanding how we can add and subtract different fractions using ‘fraction strips’ to help us to prove our final answers. Furthermore, as historians you have produced excellent work about the Victorians and how they have helped to shape the world in which we live in today.

Spring Term 2

What a fantastic half-term we have had Y3G! I really don't know what to start with first! You should all be so very proud of how you have helped to improve your local environment by planting a variety of trees this half-term. In music you have all worked very hard to learn new songs and I have also been very impressed with the excellent way in which you have worked with your 'Y1 Reading Buddies' throughout Spring Term 2.

Spring Term 1

What a superb Spring Term 1 you have all had Y3G! In English, I have been ‘mega-impressed’ with the high quality poems that you have all produced throughout this half-term. In maths, you have all grown in confidence in terms of knowing your x3, x4 and x8 multiplication and division facts. Indeed, you are all fast becoming ‘rock legends!’ Furthermore, as historians you have generated excellent work about the Stone Age and Stonehenge in particular.

Autumn Term 2

Y3G you should all be very proud of your fantastic work and achievements throughout Autumn Term 2. In English, you have created fantastic character descriptions based on many different texts (my favourite was Voices in the Park!). Furthermore, I have been very impressed with your use of direct speech in your independent writing. In maths, there is not a pair of 3-digit numbers that you cannot total or find the difference between. Indeed, you have all grown in confidence when using the 'column method' to help you to complete these types of calculations. Superb work Y3G!

Autumn Term 1

Y3G you have certainly been very busy throughout Autumn Term 1. In English, you have researched and produced information texts about a wide range of animals. Next, we are going to turn your pieces of writing into a nature documentary! Don't even get me started on how impressed I have been with the complex sentences that you have all been generating in your writing. In maths, you have become the MASTERS of place value. Indeed, there is not a single 3-digit number that you cannot partition in more than one way. As musicians you have worked very hard to perfect your singing voices, whilst in art you have designed fantastic Greek pots. What a class of SUPERSTARS you all are!


Things to remember in Year 3 (2018-2019)


In Year 3 our P.E. day is Wednesday . We do ask that you leave P.E. kits in school and we will ensure that they are sent home each half-term to be washed. Swimming will take place throughout the school year and will take place each Thursday afternoon.



In Year 3 your homework will involve:

  • daily reading
  • weekly Spellings
  • multiplication facts (including division facts)
  • English HWK
  • maths HWK
  • project HWK 


Reading Books

Our reading books will be changed on Tuesday. Remember to bring your planners and reading books to school everyday. Please also read at least 5 pages every night.


Year 3 weekly spelling tests are administrated on a Friday.


Link to Parent/Carer Planner

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