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September 2018

Y3G thoroughly enjoyed their Dinosaur Workshop! 



June 2018 

Y3G really enjoyed working with Jenny Meadows yesterday.

May 2018

We have thoroughly enjoyed preparing for and celebrating the forthcoming Royal Wedding.

April 2018

Y3G thoroughly enjoyed working with 'Dogs Trust' on Tuesday. We certainly found out lots of information, especially in relation to what it means to be 'dog smart.'




Welcome back Y3G! In Summer Term 2 we are going to continue to explore and find out key information about our local area. There is learning afoot! Let's get started...

Y3G BLOG (2018-2019)

Summer Term 1

What a fantastic Summer Term 1 we have had Y3G! As historians you have started to investigate and find out what happened at Pretoria Pit on 21st December in 1910. In English, you have successfully identified the key features needed to write an effective explanation. Finally, as mathematicians, you have all grown in confidence when adding and subtracting fractions. Superb work Y3G!

Spring Term 2

What a superb Spring Term 2 we have had Y3G! As geographers you have successfully located and described, using key positional language, where Spain is located. I was very impressed with the models of Europe that you all created. In English, your adventure stories were fantastic. Our visit to the Manchester Science and Industry Museum really helped us to develop our understanding of light and how it travels. Excellent work Y3G!

Spring Term 1

What another fantastic half-term Y3G! As historians you have successfully unraveled the mysteries surrounding the 'Amesbury Archer!' You have successfully analysed different historical sources this half-term to find out why people in the Bronze Age built different monuments. In English, you have composed and performed a range of superb poems based on different landscapes. Finally, as mathematicians, you have all grown in confidence with your use of ‘formal written methods’ when multiplying and dividing 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. Excellent work Y3G!

Autumn Term 2

What another superb half-term Y3G! Excellent, magnificent and superb are just some of the adjectives that describe the quality of work that you have all produced throughout Autumn Term 2. Let’s start with geography. As geographers you have successfully investigated and found out why some earthquakes are more powerful than others. I have been very impressed with the confident way in which you have used key geographical terms to explain why New Zealand has experienced so many earthquakes. In English, you have successfully generated different character descriptions - I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your character descriptions about the Grinch! As mathematicians, you have all grown in confidence with your multiplication and division facts. Fantastic work Y3G!

Autumn Term 1

What a fantastic first half-term we have had Y3G. As historians we have successfully investigated and explored whose footprints came first. It was fascinating being archaeologists and finding out about the Stone Age family who left their footprints on the beach on the South-East coast of England. In English, we have successfully generated different performance poems – your poems about Stonehenge were amazing! As mathematicians we have successfully developed our place value knowledge and we are now using the column method to add and subtract 3-digit and 1-digit numbers. Superb work Y3G!