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Welcome to St. Philip’s Primary


What is PSHE?

The aim of PSHE is to provide an environment whereby every child has the necessary opportunities and experiences to enable them to develop to their full potential as a successful member of society, both personally and socially, whilst retaining and exploring their own individuality.

This aim fits alongside those of our policies on Equality (Race, Gender and Disability), Behaviour, R.E, Special Needs, Sex and Relationships, Drug Education, Pastoral Care and the Every Child Matters Agenda. St. Philip’s works towards these aims in partnership with parents/carers.


  • To meet and interact with different members of society both within and outside school;
  • To have the chance to share and celebrate their work, talents and achievements within their own classrooms and the wider family of the school as a whole;
  • To be able to examine and express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a secure environment;
  • To examine issues of health and related social concerns;
  • To have opportunity to take responsibility for themselves/others;
  • To gain experience of the world of work;
  • To foster a caring attitude to our environment;
  • To learn social interaction skills with their peers and adults;
  • To gain knowledge, understanding and experience of living in the wider world.