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Design and Technology

What is Design & Technology?

Design and Technology (DT) prepares our pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. They learn to think and intervene creatively to improve the quality of life. The subject calls for pupils to become creative problem solvers both as individuals and as members of a team.

In their designing and making, pupils combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices. As well as this, they embrace their creativity and gain confidence with handling new tools and equipment.

As they do so they reflect on, learn from and evaluate present and past design technology, its uses and effects. Through DT, all pupils can develop innovative skills and become analytical and informed thinkers when it comes to using existing products.


  • To provide a relevant, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for DT for all pupils;
  • To develop all pupils’ designing, making and evaluative skills as well as their technical knowledge;
  • To enable pupils to safely work with a range of products both independently and with others;
  • To develop a wide range of skills through the manipulation of materials, tools and components and the exploration of a variety of techniques;
  • To develop creativity and quality in the pupils designing and making and foster a love for DT throughout school.